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The Velvet-Skinned Ferrari

LUXURY! Coined the ‘Furrari’ by the Daily Mail, this Ferrari 599 GTB has a velvet ‘furry’ material wrapped on the paintwork.The left hand-drive Ferrari 599 was spotted last year parked on a single yellow line on London’s Sloane Street in the upmarket Knightsbridge area.Customizing the 205mph supercar would cost in the region of 10 grand and it certainly caught the eye of bemused passers-by who stopped to take pictures.

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Dolce&Gabbana celebrates Magnum’s 25 th Anniversary

Dolce&Gabbana and Magnum, both symbols of Italian excellence worldwide,have come together to create a unique project to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic ice cream that will present a new and totally unique look especially designed by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana for the Summer of 2014. Pleasure, sensuality, and Italian essence are the distinctive elements of this partnership based on shared values and a philosophy that has generated a new Italian taste experience.

The recipeSoft vanilla ice cream is covered by a layer of sweet white chocolate that enhances its flavor and lusciousness. Take a bite and the crunchy shell breaks away, revealing dark chocolate bits and crushed pistachios. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana wanted to reveal their favorite flavors to create a unique Magnum ice cream bar that will be sold starting in June. Once again, the fragrances and flavors of Sicily are the inspiration for this Limited Edition ice cream bar.

The packagingThe precious box containing the ice cream bar is decorated with intense white Sicilian Zagara orange blossoms, emerald green prickly pear plants and their ripe, juicy coral fruits that serve as the background for a picturesque Sicilian cart and its vibrantly colored decorations.The Dolce&Gabbana Magnum ice cream bar takes you on a journey to discover the pleasures and traditions of Sicily, that unique island which has always been a source of inspiration for Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Dolce-Gabbana-x-Magnum-25th-Anniversary_fy2 Dolce-Gabbana-x-Magnum-25th-Anniversary_fy3

KENZO “Automobile Waltz” Short Film

To best convey the atmosphere and themes of Kenzo’s Spring 2014 collections for men and women, they collaborated with director Hala Matar and actors Anton Yelchin and Lydia Hearst, to create this short film. The movie seeks to incite the mood and spirit we associate with America’s west coast and more importantly the ambience of early 1960′s California.

It takes place with our two protagonists riding around a set in vintage cars, arriving at different locations reminiscent of those in old Hollywood movies. The hair is gelled, the conversation is stunted. The atmosphere brings us back to how we feel when watching a Rock Hudson movie and when we look at photos of cocktail parties in Palm Springs.

For the director the connection between the cars and the collection is that they “both share the timelessness and classic feel“. For Kenzo, the wave prints recall an age of visiting the beach during the heyday of 60′s surfers. Both Anton and Lydia embody the leading man versus ingenue qualities that we used to see in movies from the swinging decade. The music, born of a collective of live musicians, a mini-orchestra narrating the action in each scene, effortlessly channeling the dance between man and woman, love and regret.

3D Printed Timepieces by NOOKA

New York-based design company NOOKA recently collaborated with 3D Systems, Inc. to produce a series of printed timepieces. The watch straps — or bracelets, to be more accurate — are printed using nylon, giving them a rigid structure that is simultaneously ergonomic and comfortable, while demonstrating some of the practical consumer applications of its technology. The watches themselves are an update of NOOKA’s Zub 40 design and largely retain the same case with its sleek intuitively-designed time telling functionality.

3d-printed-timepieces-by-nooka-2 3d-printed-timepieces-by-nooka-4