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The Sweetie Project by Eric Klemm

Watching his twin daughters Laura and Gina playing around with household items inspired Eric Klemm to create this enchanting series called ‘The Sweetie Project.’He used some old classical paintings as a reference for his set-up, e.g. the girl with the red bow is an homage to one of his favorite painters Rene Magritte.

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Sky Art Illustrations by Thomas Lamadieu

Genius French artist Thomas Lamadieu has illustrated a series of scenes in the sky directly onto photographs of urban landscapes. Lamadieu shoots photos of those patches of sky in-between tall buildings and illustrates them for an ongoing series entitled Sky Art. Thus far he has drawn pictures on the skies over streets and enclosed courtyards in France, Germany, Belgium and Canada.

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Men and women, young and old, you name it…everyone is included in Jedediah Johnson‘s unorthodox photography series: The Make-Out Project.“I once took a personality test that I felt was very accurate. It said that people with my specific personality type like to collect people and experiences. That’s what The Makeout Project is all about, my interactions with people and a shared experience between my subjects and I. Specifically, in The Makeout Project I put on lipstick and kiss people. Then I photograph them.” 

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