Realistic Situation Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook

Layers of shadows” define the visual inspiration behind Realistic Situation‘s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which marks designer Platt Pladhi’s conviction in translating onto every outfit the brand’s philosophy – a modification of familiar basics into something that can be defined as “trans-basic” using unconventional materials with uncomplicated forms, as opposed to outrageous clothes that obscure the personality of the wearers. This season, graphic lines and forms – most notably grids – are rendered using laser-cutting technique on synthetic materials such as nylon and microfiber, while plastic is ironed onto pattern pieces, which are layered with lightweight, natural fiber afterwards.

Realistic-Situation_ss14_lookbook_fy1 Realistic-Situation_ss14_lookbook_fy2 Realistic-Situation_ss14_lookbook_fy3 Realistic-Situation_ss14_lookbook_fy4 Realistic-Situation_ss14_lookbook_fy6 Realistic-Situation_ss14_lookbook_fy7 Realistic-Situation_ss14_lookbook_fy11


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