The Works of Visual Artist Daniele Buetti

Daniele Buetti is a Swiss artist working in photography, video, sound, drawing, light box, sculpture, and digitally assisted work. Buetti makes use of advertising tools to expose the frailty of popular culture, explore our perceptions of beauty, and reveal the omnipotence of the media in our society. In Buetti’s works, beautiful colors and figures merge with light reveal unspoken feelings of ambivalence and despair, asking what function the role of media plays in the formation of identity, and questioning whether society can form identity without the media’s influence. 

tumblr_mx94ksRRjV1r62zwpo5_500 tumblr_n1yqv4dpSu1qaqz2jo3_500 tumblr_n1yqv4dpSu1qaqz2jo6_500 tumblr_n1yqv4dpSu1qaqz2jo7_500 tumblr_n3n8jvc8RR1qa4iv8o5_500 tumblr_n3n8jvc8RR1qa4iv8o6_500


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