Arch 2014 Collection

Arch, entity born in Milan in 2010, goes back to the originally Handmade concept, where the creation process is cured step by step with passion by an able craftsman, bringing back to the top the pleasure for the unique. Design and tailoring merge into a single figure capable of re-establishing the technical precision of industrial design to the fine art of sewing as well as the best italian craftsmanship. This approach ensures a quality product with clean lines, whose strength is in the details. Each bag is the unique result of a wise twist of elements. Ropes, technical fabrics, exotic textures and leathers give life to a fresh and dynamic line. Starting from these elements, the customer also has the chance to become the chief designer of his own item choosing each part so as to create custom items.

arch2014_lookbook_fy1 arch2014_lookbook_fy3 arch2014_lookbook_fy4 arch2014_lookbook_fy6 arch2014_lookbook_fy7 arch2014_lookbook_fy9


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