Ethel Vaughn Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

After finding the very basic look of Ethel Vaughn for Spring/Summer 2014 with all the gang inspired, oversized 90′s apparel, Katrin Diedrich decided to push the direction of the next collection – Fall/Winter 2014 into a more refined, stripped back look leaving only the pure essence of what the story is all about.

Forms became straighter with color schemes reduced to mostly monochromatic. To break up this simplicity, sportswear inspired pieces were introduced. Bike jerseys, trackpants skiing underwear – all transformed into very technoid looks using a mix of high-tech materials, detailing and outspoken graphics.

The collaboration with Axel Peemöller has continued, featuring another avant-garde pattern from the 60′s. Studio duo duo is back again this time with Creative Director Cam Diamond creating handpainted artworks that refer to the character of Ethel Vaughn’s interpretation of “The king is dead, long live the king.”

Ethel-Vaughn_fw14_fy2 Ethel-Vaughn_fw14_fy3 Ethel-Vaughn_fw14_fy5 Ethel-Vaughn_fw14_fy6 Ethel-Vaughn_fw14_fy7 Ethel-Vaughn_fw14_fy8



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