Markeidric Walker x Wish Atlanta “Roses” Black History Month T-shirt Collection

In honor of Black History Month this year Wish Atlanta has teamed up with Georgia-based artist Markeidric Walker to create a series of graphic T-shirts starring prominent African American figures that have in some way inspired and motivated change. The collaboration chose to feature artists and athletes including  Stevie Wonder, Bill Cosby, Spike Lee, Maya Angelou and Muhhamad Ali. Each of the graphic Tees showcase an original Walker illustration and are available in black and white.

markeidric-walker-wish-atlanta-roses-black-history-t-shirt-1 markeidric-walker-wish-atlanta-roses-black-history-t-shirt-2 (1) markeidric-walker-wish-atlanta-roses-black-history-t-shirt-3 markeidric-walker-wish-atlanta-roses-black-history-t-shirt-6


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