Alberto Furlan “Wiggas” Collection

The universe of Gangsta rap marked by violence, racial discriminations and beastly murders, where we find boys looking for their own social release. The collection “Wiggas” by Alberto Furlan takes shape precisely from those youths’ lives.
oversize volumes from the sportswear and rap world merge with high fashion and elegance typical of the classical men’s clothing, as to symbolize the finally fulfillment of the social climbing and the “American Dream”.
From there it buds a perfect balance within shapes and clothes that put in contact the “uniform” of those gangsta-rappers, coming from the slums and the metropolitan ghettos of the eighties, and the traditional classy men’s wear. So it develops into a totally new and unexpected uniform, which is later enriched with prints and textures that refer to the street wear history.

albertofurlan_wiggas-collection-fy3 albertofurlan_wiggas-collection-fy5 albertofurlan_wiggas-collection-fy6 albertofurlan_wiggas-collection-fy7 albertofurlan_wiggas-collection-fy8 albertofurlan_wiggas-collection-fy9


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