‘I tried to paint on canvas: fists were paintbrushes & blood was oil.’

“This piece is actually my first performance. My aim was to use my body as it really is : a material. So I fused a canvas and a piece of waterproof fabric wherein I cut up a circle.” “In that way, all I had to do was to hit the canvas with my fists, as hard as possible to paint the circle with my blood. I chose the geometrical form of the circle because in this work, I wanted to show what Man is able to do : From his most vulgar impulses like violence, up to his the most complex reasoning ability.”

“I did it during five minutes, I hit the canvas 569 times. I recorded it with a camera.”

“To my mind, that is what differentiates humans from animals : The competence of thinking before acting and to not yield to the most devouring impulses. I think this is why the Human is so tortured : He is without-cease tug between impulses and Reason.”

tumblr_mzggg9OuL61qa4iv8o4_500 tumblr_mzggg9OuL61qa4iv8o5_500 tumblr_mzggg9OuL61qa4iv8o6_500


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