KTZ Fall/Winter 2014

You can always count on KTZ to show up and show out! For their Fall 2014 collection, the brand stuck to its perfectly weird awesome monochrome aesthetic.  Geometric patterns had a strong presence, as did oversized outerwear, tons of underlayering, and large graphics that evoked the symbology of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, or its downstairs neighbor.

tumblr_mz3tvaUKGo1qa4iv8o3_250 tumblr_mz3tvaUKGo1qa4iv8o4_250 tumblr_mz3tvaUKGo1qa4iv8o5_250 tumblr_mz3tvaUKGo1qa4iv8o6_250 tumblr_mz3tvaUKGo1qa4iv8o8_250 tumblr_mz3tvaUKGo1qa4iv8o9_250



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