The Nature Humaine by Daniel Aires Grazina

Surreal, idealized, absurd. These are the words that come to mind when taking in the fantasy world of Daniel Aires Grazina’s beautiful series The Nature Humaine.

The series is not new, it is in fact from Grazinas graduate show from 2011 and a series that helped him make the Wallpaper* Graduate Directory of that same year. Describing his starting point as post-human nature, his work depicts elaborate set ups of domestic fantasy.

The everyday is transformed into the wild, an untamed beast that has been let free from its mundane suburban captivity.

Daniel-Aires-Grazina-01 Daniel-Aires-Grazina-04 tumblr_myc4zpqjII1qa4iv8o1_500 tumblr_myc4zpqjII1qa4iv8o2_500

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