Shattered Reflections by Tomoko Konoike

Using mirrors and glass in her sculptures, Japanese artist Tomoko Konoike plays with optics and light reflection to turn what would be a free standing art piece, into an installation, Earthshine (2013) that takes over the space in which it’s in. The whole room becomes the art, as the viewer becomes engulfed in this new world the artist has created; a result of the geometric light patterns bouncing off the walls.

Whether figurative or abstract, the artist’s work explores how natural forces collide and find peace with one’s consciousness, combining geometric shapes and optical light illusions to create out-of-this world spaces, playing with our perceptions of space. Tomoko Konoike manages to use the precise shapes and positioning of the glass to manipulate not just the shape of the piece, but the space as well, playing with the viewer’s imagination.





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