Eleven Paris 2014 Spring/Summer “Generation Off Love” Lookbook

Eleven Paris offers up its “Generation Off Love” lookbook for its forthcoming collection. Inspired by fashion trends of the ’90s, grunge, rockabilly and rave culture all play a part in its use of colors and prints. Timeless pieces like the double-breasted biker jacket and varsity jacket make an appearance, while paisley, floral, and Chinese astrology motifs overhaul button-up shirts and shorts elsewhere. For more dapper options, blazer are paired with dress pants and pleated shorts, providing for a diverse collection.

eleven-paris-2014-springsummer-generation-off-love-lookbook-1 eleven-paris-2014-springsummer-generation-off-love-lookbook-2 eleven-paris-2014-springsummer-generation-off-love-lookbook-4 eleven-paris-2014-springsummer-generation-off-love-lookbook-6 eleven-paris-2014-springsummer-generation-off-love-lookbook-8 eleven-paris-2014-springsummer-generation-off-love-lookbook-9


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