Joe Buck for Staple 2013 Holiday Collection Lookbook by 13th Witness

Staple Design joins forces with UK artist, Joe Buck , as the collection is presented through a lookbook, photographed by 13th Witness. 13th Witness and Joe Buck, each renown artists known worldwide for their unique style in their respective genres lend a hand in printing up some great pieces for Staple. The infamous illustrator, who has notably worked with De La Soul in the past, brings his signature animated hand style to a range of shirts, sweaters, hats, and button-ups.

joe-buck-for-staple-2013-holiday-collection-lookbook-by-13th-witness-1 joe-buck-for-staple-2013-holiday-collection-lookbook-by-13th-witness-2 joe-buck-for-staple-2013-holiday-collection-lookbook-by-13th-witness-3 joe-buck-for-staple-2013-holiday-collection-lookbook-by-13th-witness-4 joe-buck-for-staple-2013-holiday-collection-lookbook-by-13th-witness-5 joe-buck-for-staple-2013-holiday-collection-lookbook-by-13th-witness-7


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