Playtype meets Soulland 2013 Capsule Collection

Soulland x Playtype- Danish label soulland collaborates with foundry Playtype for a new capsule collection. Encompassing two raglan sweatshirts, three button-down shirts, and a skateboard deck, the collaborative offering is focused around a marble imitation by artist Susan Arnild. Pre-order pieces from the collection at

Playtype-meets-Soulland-2013-Capsule-Collection-1 Playtype-meets-Soulland-2013-Capsule-Collection-2 Playtype-meets-Soulland-2013-Capsule-Collection-3 Playtype-meets-Soulland-2013-Capsule-Collection-4 Playtype-meets-Soulland-2013-Capsule-Collection-5 Playtype-meets-Soulland-2013-Capsule-Collection-6


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