George Clooney by Yayoi Kusama

George Clooney has been ” spotted” on the cover of W magazine’s December/January ” The Art Issue”. The Armani suit he wears on the cover was customized by Yayoi Kusama and there are other images inside the issue that were conceived and created in collaboration with Tracey Emin, Karen Kilimnik, Marilyn Minter, and Catherine Opie.  The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama   admitted to not being familiar with who the Hollywood star was, exactly, but had no qualms covering him in her signature polka dots anyway. She said, “I call it Kusama’s Self-Obliteration… My idea is to send the message of ‘love forever’ to all the people in the world through the polka dots, which are all about the universe and human beings and living things. Your sex, being famous, being a star has nothing to do with it.”



george-clooney-by-yayoi-kusama-for-w-magazine-3  george-clooney-by-yayoi-kusama-for-w-magazine-1



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