The Perpetual Calendar by Arina Pozdnyak

The Russian graphic designer Arina Pozdnyak designed a calender that works for any day of any year. The point of this calender ? That you don’t have to worry which day it is, just live.

tumblr_mx5zwvCIUS1qa4iv8o1_500  3ec85d0f40490dedb7370d1c3bc1da64  tumblr_mx5zwvCIUS1qa4iv8o2_500  tumblr_mx5zwvCIUS1qa4iv8o3_500  b213f3ac7559d34d81076a5e35ab6f49  tumblr_mx5zwvCIUS1qa4iv8o4_500  tumblr_mx5zwvCIUS1qa4iv8o5_500  aaaa  d4deab85afe8e9d60347baf95207f941  98ce40421632adba5229c194daa9c17d  4bcdfebf75014501b5dad7dba99eee9d  9699a5d642c8abc4666362cc96f3d521


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