Meet Hermione Flynn

Hermione Flynn is a performance artist. Actually it’s hard to define what Flynn really is, she can be a fashion designer, performance artist, installation artist, film maker and image-maker.

Flynn’s latest spring/summer collection for 2014 called ENCLOS(TH)ED is the first collection she created outside of her home country. The collection is basted and inspired by her travels through South-East Asia a journey that she had made in 2012. In this collection you can see that she used all kinds of fabrics and colors such as linen silk, wool-fur, black, navy, grey, bronze, silver and gold.

af9cb3f396c868e16315d6f50618739d  b7b7d52beac0480f1f24eeffea017a8f  a59933a300021b49e27d1a8a3ef6c6e9

SAMSUNG CSC  99b9b5530463eb455604cca77bca2828

Pictures: Jana Van De Boldt + Hermione Flynn

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