Kanye West: ” I am the #1 most impactful artist of our generation.”

Kanye West and Sway talk in person for the first time since their incident of earlier this year.


The interview begins whit Sway expressing al his appreciation for the Yeezus tour of Kanye. The interview continues with discussions about Kanye west his production inspiration from greats like Diamond D & Showbiz, discussions of DONNA, the status of his red Octobers to fashion.

Another discussion in this interview is that Kanye has a lot of ideas, but none of the companies want to give him a chance. Sway’s next question sparked excitement and passion from Kanye. “Why don’t you empower yourself, and don’t need them, & do it yourself?” Asked Sway. “You ain’t got the answers Sway!” Shouts Ye. “You ain’t spent 13 million dollars of your own money trying to empower yourself!

4 days ago in another interview Kayne West calls on tho his fans of New York City to stop buying Louis Vuitton until after January.

Kanye is trying to make a point to Yves Carelle, the head of Louis Vuitton. Yves refused to meet with Kanye the last time he was in Paris. This was not the first time that he criticizes a brand  that doesn’t take him seriously. Kanye also thinks that all these brands are too expensive, while a couple of years ago he designed a sneaker for Louis Vuitton whit a price tag of 800 dollars.

Watch below:


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